Friday, April 4, 2008

METALLICA - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 1986

I'm bolting out for the weekend, but here's this up yer arses. Metallica, Master of Puppets tour...I mean, come on. I quote Pink Flamingos: "Kill everyone now!"

The upload info said that it's a) Cliff and b) soundboard, neither of which is true. The fatal bus accident in Sweden had happened two and half months earlier, so this is an early Newsted performance, only about a month after his first-ever show with the band. And this has to be an audience recording, due to "ambience," but believe me when I assert it's the good kind, the you-are-there kind. The performance is just ferocious, and the set list stomps, rapes and murders -- it's everything you wanna hear off the first three albums. Easily a Top-10 Metallica boot by any measure.

Now, these boys better goddamn well be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on the very first ballot, one year from now. It took ten bloody years to get Black Sabbath in, an eternal stain on the Hall's shaky track record. I say "shaky" because I'm not 100% on Madonna getting in -- not that soon, anyway -- and Grandmaster Flash's induction last year means there are as many hip-hop acts as metal acts in the Hall, which is flat wrong, period, end of story.


METALLICA "The Metal Masters"
Playhouse Theatre - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - December 13th, 1986 (AUD)

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