Friday, March 25, 2011

DEVO - Boston, MA 1980

I am stupid fond of Devo right now, and still aglow from seeing them live for the first time last weekend here at Club Nokia. If you've never had the pleasure, oh my GAWD is it a good time. I got everything I wanted from Mothersbaugh & Co., muscially and visually, plus a whole lot more flat-out rocking than I ever expected.

My lovely wife thinks my febrile Devo love is silly and totally out of character for me; I might agree with the latter part. But as much as they're associated with '80s new wave, the genesis of the band couldn't be more '60s: they were essentially born out of the Kent State student shootings in May 1970, during which founding member Gerald Casale dodged bullets and saw two of his friends shot dead. If that ain't heavy, maaan, what is?

Now then: for whatever reason, Beantown's historic Orpheum Theatre seems to have been a magical venue for the Ohio quintet, yielding fantastic live boots from three years running: this amazing July 1980 WBCN FM broadcast, a November 1981 show previously posted here, and a November 1982 show which I'll try to post next.

Oh, and anyone who still doubts that Devolution is real -- I mean realer than real -- should just read this.

Orpheum Theatre - Boston, MA - July 17, 1980
(FMB @320 kbps)

PS -- Incidentally, your everloving unearthly Chick got some big-time Mainstream Media press coverage this week. Well, not really, but do check out the new LA Weekly's Letters page, now known -- in a nod to today's exciting computer technology -- as "Comments." You see, I couldn't resist the uncontrollable urge to scold my beloved local lefty rag for its inexplicably, laughably yet depressingly fawning cover piece on the dreaded Insane Clown Posse and their idiot fans (speaking of Devolution).

So here is the printed exchange in its entirety:

"Green Alien Chick writes: 'There is some great music being made in the world, and none of it is by this ridiculous duo of fools. Why would you waste your time and ours on such moronic garbage?'

'A real ass OC juggalo' responds: 'Ummmmm, fuck you and go read about your favorite faggot ass artist bitch.'

Alien Chick's response: 'Exactly. See? Couldn't have said it better myself.'"

Can I get a "AMEN!" up in here, bitches?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

THE BEACH BOYS - "Landlocked" 1969-'70

I'm so beyond thrilled about last Friday's momentous announcement -- possibly the single happiest piece of music news I've ever had the pleasure of receiving -- that in celebration I'm posting two versions of the same bootleg.

(In case you haven't heard, the news can be summed up in one word: SMiLE.)

As for "Landlocked", what we have here is a lovely compilation of outtakes, alternates and demos for the post-Capitol tracks that would comprise much of the Boys' first two, equally sublime LPs for Warner Bros.: 1970's Sunflower and 1971's Surf's Up. The first link is for the original, 12-track version in top bitrate; the second is for an expanded 24-track version in slightly lower quality. Both sound great.

Take your pick, or take both. Either!

"Landlocked" 1969-'70 (STU)

DOWNLOAD (12 tracks @320 kbps)
DOWNLOAD (24 tracks @192 kbps)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

ERIC CLAPTON - Richmond, VA 1985

Sorry not to have posted any toonage since the Super, having a 6-month-old baby boy can cut into one's bloggin' time!

Anyway, tonight I'll be happily seeing my first show in ages: in a word, GOD. (No, not Hendrix -- I mean the ORIGINAL psychedelic-blooze-rawk geetar god.) I've only ever seen Clapton twice; once recently, with short-lived Blind Faith bandmate Steve Winwood at the Hollywood Bowl, and once way the hell back in high school, at the Baltimore Civic Center, the very night after this live boot was recorded. This here show was recorded FM-stylee for ye olde King Biscuit, so it's an all-'round ass-blaster.

Promise to be back sooner than later...'till then:

Coliseum - Richmond, VA - April 22, 1985 (SBD @320 kbps)