Monday, August 2, 2010

DEVO - Boston, MA 1981

Following last week's primo Petty post, here's another cracking live show from 30 years ago, and another FM broadcast as well, this one from ye olde King Biscuit. I'm digging on the Devo lately, not sure why, but I'm on a bit of a kick; their nifty new album (after 20 years!) doesn't hurt. I know they're touring now as well, so I do hope to catch them...

I also love this early moment of the '80s, my 6th/7th grade year. It was post-John Lennon assassination and Ronald "Rambo" Reagan election (adieu, 1960s!), but pre-Big '80s obnoxious patriotic yuppie neon moussed pompadoured cokehead/greedhead acid-washed awfulness. And Devo was one of those transitional post-punk, pre-new wave bands (like Blondie and Talking Heads) that looked '80s but still sounded kinda '70s.

Anyway, this is one punchy half-hour show, nine songs flat, but four of those are "Whip It," "Girl U Want," "Through Being Cool" and "Working in a Coal Mine," their final hit before most Americans threw away their energy domes and stopped giving a shit.

Orpheum Theatre - Boston, MA - November 5, 1981 (FMB @320)



Jus said...

Loved the Tom Petty and much thanks for this!! Could you provide the password to unzip the Devo? Cheers!

Heli0tr0pe said...

OOOPS! My bad...

Cheers man!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your posts...great blog! Just a minor correction on this Devo...this isn't at 320. Its actually less than 192.

Heli0tr0pe said...

Really? Hm...oh well, like I always say: can't beat the price!