Wednesday, August 11, 2010

RUSH - Largo, MD 1984

Rush's long-awaited (by me) Time Machine Tour show tonight at the hallowed Gibson Amphitheatre will be, if all goes according to plan, my last concert before the birth of my first child, two weeks from now. Fitting that it's a show by one of my all-time favorite bands -- one I try to see every time they come through L.A. -- at one of my all-time favorite venues.

As Geddy might exclaim in his faux-Scottish burr: "Ah cannat weet!"

So here's one of the great live Rush boots to mark the occasion, a soundboard show taped at (as any regular reader will know) my hometown rawk venue, the late, unlamented Cap Centre.

Enjoy, and please...wish us luck!

"Cool Under Fire"
Captial Centre - Largo, MD - September 27, 1984 (SBD)


Anonymous said...

I'm not a huge Rush fan, but this is certainly an EXCELLENT recording. Thanks much!

JFR said...

Went to many a show at the old Cap Centre(I'm a homer too)......Pretty sure I caught this show...Thanks!!

Heli0tr0pe said...

Nice one! Always good to have a homie stop by.

I never miss a chance to boast that my first rock concert ever, at age 9, was KISS at the Cap Centre in July 1979 (as documented on one of the "Kissology, Vol. 2" bonus discs).

Thanks for visiting, guys -- and long live the original Heavy Metal Parking Lot!