Tuesday, April 15, 2008

THE CLASH - New York, NY 1981 (HOT NEW LINKS!)

Sometimes I forget about The Clash for long stretches, who knows why...only to snap to and remember how bloody cool they were. One of a kind, really. Poor Joe.

Anyway, I've dug up a mess of boots from all over the place; there actually don't seem to be that many top-shelf shows to be had, but certainly enough for 3 or 4 posts. This, the first, was a clear choice due to the incredibly crisp, release-quality audio. Again, to me, the best kind of boot is the one where five seconds in you think "Oh, okay -- sounds like a CD." Done!

The setlist is from their amazing 17-gig residency at some sort of remodeled casino in Manhattan, heavy on the Sandinista! The first disc is all-around impeccable, especially a "Complete Control" that I must have rocked 10 times today. The second half of disc two gets a bit shonky in terms of guitar tuning and vocal wear-out, but the energy and enthusiasm carry through to the end. This classic lineup of the band would hang on for less than a year longer, before the wheels came off and the train truly was in vain.

THE CLASH "Chaos in New York"
Bond's International Casino - New York, NY - June 4, 1981 (SBD)


woody said...

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Jack Rebney said...

Cheers bro - drop by anytime!

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Anonymous said...

Great blog, & possibly the greatest recording of a Clash show-
I was there for that one too -

The so called "Bonds International Casino" was actually the old empty Bonds Clothing store in Times Square, semi dressed up and painted black for their shows

The promoter oversold it so hard the fire dept threatened to shut it all down, but the Clash, gotta love Joe, agreed to play extra shows so everyone with a ticket saw a Clash show!!!!

I got into several of them and they blew th doors off the place night after really hot night!!!!!!!

Thanks again ---


La Piazza Gancio said...

This iz dead. NE chance of an Easter-like resurrection?

Best regards.

Heli0tr0pe said...

Done! And molto grazie for stopping by...


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