Wednesday, March 5, 2008

THE POLICE - Geleen, Holland 1979

I lied. I'm still in a Pinkpop '79 kinda mood, very much so, but rather than go with the band that appears above Elvis Costello and the Attractions on the previously pictured poster, how about one that appeared below them on the bill? Don't worry, we'll get to the next band soon enough (in a major way, too) -- and after that, maybe even the Dire Straits set from Pinkpop '79 as well. I'm busily hunting that one down...

Meantime, the Police's performance at the Geleen Sportpark -- which went a long way toward blowing them wide open, catching the attention of John Peel and the rock press beyond Europe -- is damn near perfect, in performance, setlist and sound quality. From Sting blowing his nose, to Andy's spectacularly out-of-tune guitar solo on "So Lonely," it's all damn good. Best bit? A magnificent encore of (ahem) "Can't Stand Losing You> Reggatta de Blanc > Banana Boat Song > Reggatta de Blanc > Can't Stand Losing You." Beat that.

Pinkpop Festival, Sportpark - Geleen, Holland - June 4, 1979 (FMB)

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Lord Andrew of Goulding said...

Great blog, green alien chick.

I saw The Police in 78, I think and though they aren't my favorite band, that was one of my most favorite concerts, ever.

Lots of virtuoso reggaeish jamming around some fun, simplistic songs. Awesome!