Friday, March 7, 2008

DIRE STRAITS - Geleen, Holland 1979

As hinted at, here's little palate-cleanser, also from Pinkpop '79 of course, of Dire Straits' performance. Or rather, what remains of it: four tracks from their first two albums preceded by an ear-pleasin' Dutch DJ's intro. The rest of what Knopfler & Co. played is long since lost to the ages...

So let's be thankful for this cozy little FM broadcast, straight from the vaults of Ickmusic -- cheers Icky! This Chick loves ya.

Next week we'll Rush into our final set from Pinkpop '79...

Pinkpop Festival, Sportpark - Geleen, Holland - June 4, 1979 (FMB)

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