Monday, January 31, 2011

JELLYFISH - San Francisco, CA 1993

Today's post will wrap up my epic Jellyfish streak -- the longest by a single act that I've ever done -- and I hope convincingly rest my case for them as a tremendous live band. I would have dearly loved to see them at The Warfield, one of the best music venues in San Francisco, Jellyfish's hometown and my absolute favorite city in these United (or is it Untied?) States.

I should be a "Child of the '80s" due to my age, but I'm most assuredly not. Unlike many of my peers, who pine ceaselessly for those halcyon days, I tend to be far more nostalgic about the early to mid-'90s, which roughly coincided with my early to mid-20s, i.e. my sex-drugs-and-rock-'n'-roll years. In fact, just about 20 years ago now I had a hellacious psychedelic experience at The Warfield during a Blues Traveler show (in brief: mushrooms, pot and dehydration don't mix. I just took a big swig of cool water after writing that sentence; a lesson learned once and never forgotten!)

I found the '80s -- at the time and far more so now -- to be rather a barren wasteland of pop culture, especially musically, not to mention politically: a decade that began with the murder of John Lennon and the election of Ronald Reagan is by its very nature not a good decade.

The early '90s, on the other hand, brought a swift corrective in the form of grunge (not to mention Bill Clinton) and stayed strong until about 1999, when the inevitable decline set in with all the vapid pop tarts, boy band retardoids and nĂ¼-metal meatheads.

Man, how I wish these much-missed Jellies would bury the hatchet and get it together...we could use them now more than ever! But until then...

The Warfield - San Francisco, CA - July 7, 1993 (SBD @320kbps)


Anonymous said...

Just an update for your blogroll. Never Get Out Of The Boat REDUX is over here these days.

Thanks for all your kind support.

Anonymous said...

thanx for the great Jellyfish shows! caught em opening for gene loves jezebel at magic mountain in show ever! Keep up the great work and thanx for the kick-ass blog!

fender said...

I have always been interested with music and it is good to know that there are still some good bands playing around. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these great sounding jellyfish shows. I can't stop playing 'em!

DitchHiker said...

Thanks for all the Jellyfish!!!

From a Vikings fan.........GO PACK!!..Just glad they beat the f#@kin bears!!

Heli0tr0pe said...

Cheers everyone! Fantastic comments, all much appreciated. C'mon back anytime...

Go Pack go!!!


g said...

RE: Hellacious warfield trip - I'd blame Snooze Traveller not the shroom or pot or lack of H2O

Heli0tr0pe said...

What de hell
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