Tuesday, January 25, 2011

JELLYFISH - Frankfurt, Germany 1991

And we're back. More Jelly for ya on a Tuesday afternoon; this one goes out to Anonymous, who wrote in asking for...more Jellyfish!

Here we're blessed with a complete concert from what sounds like a rather modestly sized club in Frankfurt, on the Euro leg of their tour promoting the ever-tasty debut LP Bellybutton. The show was pro-recorded for German TV, so this DVD rip sounds just wunderbar.

In addition to all the incredible music (bonus: plenty of cover tunes!), this one amusingly climaxes with a persistent, loudmouthed American fan being told just what to do.

Work calls, gotta hop -- more Jelly for your belly soon!

Music-Hall - Frankfurt, Germany - April, 1991 (SBD)

Oh, and...GO PACK GO!


Ben Sommer said...

And.... back to jellyfish!

Every time I see shots of those hippies I have to remember they were a 90s band

Julio said...

Great post. Thank you!

Heli0tr0pe said...

You know it Doodz --

thanks as always for the visit to the both o'youse.

(Especially you, Sommer, ya hippie ya!)