Wednesday, January 6, 2010

VAMPIRE WEEKEND - Santa Monica, CA 2008

First post of 2010!

This band also happens to be playing my first concert of this year, next week at Hollywood's Henry Fonda Theatre, tickets to which were bought by darling Rochelle, my then-girlfriend and now fiancée. Bless ya, luv!

I must confess that Vampire Weekend is usually just the sort of Pitchfork-approved, cooler-than-thou band of indie-hipster twits that drives me up the wall...hey, I'm over 40 now, what can I say?

But these particular kids are unique. A posse of L.A.-obsessed Columbia grads -- the love children of Paul Simon, Peter Gabriel, Talking Heads, Fela Kuti, King Sunny Adé and a whole big-ass bunch of philosophy professors -- they make music that is just so smart, so clever and sophisticated and fresh and witty and elegant and strange and inventive and sublimely melodic, it's impossible not to dig 'em. So clean-cut and well dressed, too! (Man, I must be over 40.)

If you're a VW fan like me, and psyched for the release of their delightful sophomore effort, Contra (out next Tuesday the 12th, streaming until the 18th on; I've already spun it five or six times), then snag this show. It's a 320 kbps FM broadcast -- complete with interview segment -- from Valentine's Day two years ago, just after the release of their magnificent debut album.

Happy New Year, and Up the Vamps!

"Morning Becomes Eclectic"
KCRW Studios, Santa Monica College
Santa Monica, CA - February 14, 2008 (FMB @320 kbps)

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