Friday, October 23, 2009

KISS - Tokyo, Japan 1977

In solemn acknowledgment of the fact that next weekend brings my favorite day of the year -- and of the fact that THE HOTTEST BAND IN THE LAND has finally been nominated for the Shlock and Roll Hall of Shame -- I give you klassic '77 KISS!

This, my first KISS post ever, is easily among their top bootz of all time, a rough, raw and "real" alternate version of the band's second live album, which would be released a year later in spit-n-polished, studio-tweaked fashion. (Don't get me wrong: I treasure Alive II. It's one of the first three rock LPs I ever owned, along with Elton John's Greatest Hits and Queen's News of the World, sort of a glam-pop Holy Trinity.)

On this version of the album, the tracklist is about half the same as Alive II, and half different or earlier tunes. Rounding out "Side 4" are demo recordings of the five studio cuts that ended Alive II.

Looks like we gon' have ourselves a rawk an' roll pawty tonight!

"The Lost Alive II Album"
Budokan Hall - Tokyo, Japan - April 4, 1977 (SBD @ 320 kbps)

PS -- Haven't checked out the new one yet, but I hear it ain't half-bad!


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Anonymous said...

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