Friday, October 30, 2009

KISS - Auckland, New Zealand 1980 (HAPPY HALLOWEEN!)

One good Halloween KISS deserves another. So here's another scary-good show from the boys, including then-new drummer Eric Carr, from the final night of the Unmasked Tour.

This live monster is commonly referred to as "Ace's Last Stand," since lead guitarist Ace Frehley would soon depart for the somewhat greener pastures of slightly above-average solo success in the '80s, later followed by his triumphant (if temporary) reunion with original drummer Peter Criss and those other two machers in the mid-'90s.

If possible, I will cap off this little KISStival next week with one of the three Reunion Years concerts I caught -- at Dodger Stadium in L.A., almost exactly eleven years ago -- on the cool crisp night of October 31st...

Which reminds me:


KISS "Ace's Last Stand"
Western Springs Stadium - Auckland, N.Z. - December 3, 1980
(SBD @320 kbps)


Anonymous said...

This is the full show people! Obviously ripped from an original vinyl copy and @ 320 kbps.

Some copies have God Of Thunder deleted out of the mix or are missing Stage Intro lift mechanics and have guitar solo edited or deleted, as well as, crowd interactions and RARAN is also cut down.

Then, usually track 17, You're All That I Want (Bonus Track London, England 1980), who cares?! Why sacrafice the complete concert or fill up a disc because of the lack of material?

If you want the real deal, get this awesome copy!!! This is the most complete version I've heard yet!


Anonymous said...

Heli0tr0pe/Green Alien Chick, you ROCK... This is as good as SMOKER's stuff.

My wish would be to find a complete Cow Palace show from 8/16/1977 (Silver CD?) copy. And they did play Beth in the set because I was there.

Post more KIϟϟ if you can.


Heli0tr0pe said...

Will do my abϟolute beϟt...

thankϟ ϟo much for ϟtopping by!


Anonymous said...

Yes, KIϟϟ-ed is correct on the Cow Palace show from 8/16/1977. Peter sat on the chrome cylinder stool w/roses and sang Beth. Cheap Trick opened.

I too would like a complete copy of that show and have been searching. I will share if I find it. This was my first rock concert.