Friday, May 8, 2009

PINK FLOYD - "Rhapsody in Pink," BBC In Concert 1970

I'm warp-speeding out in a sec to see what manner of Green Alien Chickage might be featured in that big new Star Trek joint...I hear it's a pip. At any rate, given the hurry, here's a quick scan on today's space rock extravaganza:

"This is the collection of material to hunt for if you're looking for unreleased Floyd from the post-Barrett, pre-Dark Side era. Bootleg fidelity doesn't come any better than this; it's one of the very few occasions where you could argue that the sound may actually be better than most official releases. These BBC airshots from the late '60s and early '70s focus on rather obscure material: 'Julia Dream,' 'If,' 'Green Is the Colour,' 'Embryo,' and the never-released 'Murderistic Women' (a blueprint for 'Careful with That Axe, Eugene'). There are also full-bore workouts of 'Echoes' and 'Atom Heart Mother Suite' that, depending on one's taste, could be argued to exceed the officially issued versions. "

Can't beat that with a Mek'leth, now can ya? Also, be sure to keep an ear out for one line in "Point Me at the Sky": "And if you survive 'til 2005..." Think about it: the Floyd's last-ever performance, at Live 8, was when...?

Infinite gratitude to Blogstoned for this cosmic trip-ship. As Mr. Nimoy said on Late Show last night, "Live long, prosper, and keep on hangin' and bangin'."

PINK FLOYD "Rhapsody in Pink"
BBC In Concert - London, UK - 1970 (SBD @ 320 kbps)

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GB said...

I remember buying this on vinyl. Mucho mahalo!