Friday, October 3, 2008

BLACK SABBATH - Asbury Park, NJ 1975 (REPOST)

I'm 99.666% sure I've posted this show before, seeing as it's the greatest Ozzy-era Sabbath boot ever made, by wide consensus. Really, ask anyone.

But it's been awhile, and my man Chris Goes Rock recently put up this luxe new version, which comes in the swanky 320 bitrate and includes new and very nifty, official-looking artwork.

For the ever-so-discerning Sabbath fanatic, it truly gets no better than this: the Rolls-Royce of Black booties, state o' the art and top o' the line. It choice.

We here at Green Alien Chick certainly hope you enjoy it for all it's worth, and that you have a devilishly nice weekend.

"Are you high? Are you high?!? Well so am I!"

Convention Hall - Asbury Park, NJ - August 5, 1975 (SBD)

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