Friday, June 6, 2008

IRON MAIDEN - BBC Session 1979

This is to celebrate the one-week anniversary of me scoring a free ticket!!! to Iron Maiden's Somewhere Back in Time show down at the former Irvine Meadows Amphitheater, a couple hours south of Hollywood. It was a long-ass drive, note-for-note the exact same show at The Forum three months ago, and 1000% worth it.

It comprises only four tunes, mind you, but they are perfect and pristine. Hell, anything from the brief Paul DiAnno era is worth a spin, 'cause there sure ain't much of it.

Thanks as always to my bestest fwend and boot-brother over at The effin' Amazing, Astonishing, Unbelievable Ultimate Bootleg Experience. Up the Irons, mate!

IRON MAIDEN "BBC Friday Rock Show"
BBC Studios - London, England - November 14, 1979 (FMB)

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DAVE BONES said...

Youtube is full of these guys falling off stage, slipping over, the power going mid show etc. They are more Spinal that Tapp themselves!