Wednesday, February 20, 2008

IRON MAIDEN - Tokyo, Japan 1981

"Put them in the Iron Maiden."
"Iron Maiden? Excellent!"
"Execute them."

Hesher heaven...that was the L.A. Forum last night. To exalt my survival of the full-frontal Iron Maiden assault, here's the only other top-quality Maiden boot I've found so far. It's an alternate, or full-length, or some kind of sought-after version of the long-ago, limited-release Maiden Japan EP. It sounds balls-out great, 17 tracks off the first two albums, featuring original howler Paul Di'Anno and drummer Clive Burr. Plus, I personally respond to the tasty tidbit of Queen's first hit "Keep Yourself Alive" dropped into "Sanctuary."

Cheers to Hear Rock City for this one. Up the Irons!

IRON MAIDEN "Maiden Japan"
Sun Plaza - Tokyo, Japan - May 24, 1981 (SBD)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this info. I was trying to track down which date this bootleg is from, and I couldn't. Muchas gracias! Up the Irons!!! Al