Friday, February 1, 2008

BLACK SABBATH - Ontario, CA 1974 and Asbury Park, NJ 1975

Still here at work, ever so busy and no time for the old in-out. Instead, I'll settle for violating all y'alls ears with two of the greatest boots ever by Los Shabbatos Negros, as they're called down in the barrio. Taken from their peak period, these two slabs of soundboard Sabbs are downright ¡caliente!

Now, heed ye, and know this: quality Sabbath boots are few and far betwixt, so savor the flavor of black, squirming eee-hee-heeveel while you can, and Satan Claus take the hindmost!

Big ups to Nargo the Bort and The Ultimate Bootleg Experience for these. Now ¡andale!

BLACK SABBATH "Cannabis Confusion" at California Jam
Ontario Speedway - Ontario, CA - April 6, 1974 (SBD)

Convention Center - Asbury Park, NJ - August 5, 1975 (SBD)

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Anonymous said...

Convention Center - Asbury Park, NJ - August 5, 1975 (SBD)
This is a simply awesome boot.
Thank you Green Alien Chick 10/10