Friday, December 14, 2007

VAN HALEN - US Festival, Devore, CA 1983

Didn't think I'd be posting any new VH for awhile...until I suddenly realized I'm going to see them again tonight at the Staples Center! About 2 hours from now, in fact. So, bully for me -- and for you...

Anyone remember the US Festivals? Me neither. The brainchildren of Apple's co-founder Steve Wozniak, there were only two, in the summers of 1982 and '83. This show is from the second year's so-called Heavy Metal Sunday. A typically drunk-n-sloppy (on Dave's part anyway; the first number isn't halfway over before he shrieks "I forgot the fuckin' words!") show that also happens to be probably the hugest gig they ever played, to this day.

US Festival, Glen Helen Regional Park - Devore, CA - May 29, 1983 (SBD)


dirk said...

nice post, any change of more recent concert dvd's

i do have a few

Vini said...

Well, believe it or not, I remember the US Festival. I was in attendance. It was a birthday present from my Aunt and Uncle. (They were actually my dad's aunt and uncle, but pretty hip for being that old... much hipper than my father.) Thanks for the memories.