Wednesday, December 12, 2007

LED ZEPPELIN - London, England 2007!!! (TASTY NEW HOTLINKS)

Here it is, the Gig of the Year, of the Decade, of the Bloody 21st Century. It happened in London two nights ago; apparenly, a few folks have been watching video clips on them Internets and digging what they see.

As for hearing, I present a solid audience recording, no match in production for The Song Remains the Same, but sounding quite like one was actually there, about halfway back and dead center, surrounded by reasonably respectful, non-obno concertgoers.

Not bad for being available one day after the gig ended. Thanks to good old Nargo the Bort for this one. Strider!

(Below are some fresh new links, again thanks to Nargo the Bort!)

02 Arena - London, England - December 10, 2007 (AUD)


fX74 said...

Thanks for sharing

takkeherrie said...
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takkeherrie said...

Disc One:
01.Intro 02.Good Times Bad Times 03.Ramble On 04.Black Dog 05.In My Time Of Dying 06.For Your Life 07.Trampled Under Foot 08.Nobody's Fault But Mine 09.No Quarter

Disc Two:
01.Since I've Been Loving You 02.Dazed And Confused 03.Stairway To Heaven 04.The Song Remains The Same 05.Misty Mountain Hop 06.Kashmir 07.crowd 08.Whole Lotta Love 09.crowd 10.Rock And Roll

David K said...

Very tasty links.

Willard said...


Diggin' the Green. Many thanks for the linkage to The Boat. Very appreciated. We'll do the same. Good luck on the feisty new blog. Cheers, W.