Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I'm just tickled to be living in an era when the phrase "Freddie Mercury memorial Google doodle" not only makes sense, but describes something that currently exists.

Long live Fred!


Anonymous said...

Freddie's DEAD!


Heli0tr0pe said...

Why yes, he is!

Too bad you're not, you stupid fucking cunt.

Anonymous said...

So SORRY if the TRUTH offends you! But it IS the truth! I didn't make his truth for him. HE did! So why all the hostility?

Let us see what IT says now.......

Heli0tr0pe said...

IT says do us all a favor and go kill yourself. Or at least stay the fuck off my blog.

And by the way, if you had any balls, you'd actually identify yourself instead of hiding behind "Anonymous" like the pathetic little sissy you are.

Anonymous said...

Why do you care who I really am? Do you think you can silence the truth in me by instilling fear? I thought liberal nuts like you didn't believe in lynchings. Typical liberal hypocrite. I don't commit abominable perversions like taking it up the butt-hole from another man, so don't tell ME how to run my life. This Mercury guy... he was a great singer but a nasty perverted FREAK of a person. And you like him and approve of what got him KILLED, so you must be too. Faggot lover

Heli0tr0pe said...

Suggestion: instead of stinking up this blog with your idiotic, phony-moralist blather, why not start your own blog? Something like "Right-WingKnuckle-DraggingHomophobicGuns-n-JesusHumpingLunatics.blogspot.com"?

Otherwise, please simply go away, you moronic buffoon. Just stop wasting our oxygen and drop dead.

Heli0tr0pe said...

PS: by the way, I am in fact a heterosexual man with a wife and kid.

And yes, I also happen to not hate homosexuals like you do.

And yes, I am a proud and tough liberal who doesn't put up with any phony-moralist bullshit from the right-wing morons who are dragging this country down the shitter.

So try to wrap your tiny troglodyte brain around those concepts, if you possibly can, you stupid fucking cunt.

Anonymous said...

LOL...!! Then why do you call yourself a chick? The puke-green alien part I already got figured out. And when it comes to deviant sexual immorality, there is no 'right-wing' or 'left wing' about it. There is only normal sex and the PERVERSION of normal sex. The term 'heterosexual' was only invented as a descriptive term when dealing with the abnormal. So really, there is no such thing as a heterosexual or a homosexual. There is only normality and the perversion of that normality. Dig it...?

Have a nice day :)

Heli0tr0pe said...

Wow! First of all, I don't "call myself a chick" -- it's just the title of my blog (to which you are undoubtedly the most repellent and ignorant visitor I've ever had the displeasure of interacting with, by the way).

Second, who died and made you the world's lord arbiter of all that is sexually "normal" and "perverse"? Is that authority divinely given, or what? Was it Jesus who empowered you so? The Pope, maybe?

I'd really love to know if you're a Catholic, so I can hear you explain why the countless crimes against children committed by the biggest mass-rape mob in history are actually not that bad, not so "perverse" after all. Not nearly as bad as Freddie Mercury's deviant gay lifestyle, at any rate.

You've made it quite clear that you're a gay-hater, a religious nut, or both, and that you have a very high (richly undeserved) opinion of yourself.

So, in that spirit: fuck Jesus, fuck the Pope, fuck St. Ronnie Reagan and FUCK YOU.

La Piazza Gancio said...

Small-minded people require a black-or-white mentality because their brains aren't large-enough to process shades of grey.

It is--quite literally--a case of too much information.

If they weren't so talented at instilling their fear into the rest of us, I'd pity them.

Otherwise, hope this finds you well and gainfully employed, Mr. Green Alien Chick.