Wednesday, May 4, 2011

QUEEN - London, England 1977

One great '77 Queen boot deserves another, wouldn't you agree, my lovelies? So here you go, in keeping with our Royal Wedding-themed FredFest, and also -- because why not? -- to celebrate that other historic news story from this past weekend (how do you say "fish shit" in Arabic...?)

This one represents the penultimate show of the group's American-European A Day at the Races Tour, which along with the final show on June 7 were pro-taped for an official release that never materialized, possibly due to Freddie and the boys' understandably not-quite-perfect voices, these being the last shows of a six-month tour. That said, and some vocal dropouts and other quirks aside, this is a near-perfect show, and a full 28 tracks just like the Houston Summit gig.

More soon. God save the (future) Queen!

Earls Court Exhibition Centre - London, England - June 6, 1977
(SBD @320 kbps)


X said...

Thank you ......

Heli0tr0pe said...

Thank YOU for visiting!

Redman said...

Thanks for this I was at this gig. It was the second time I`d seen Queen, the first being at Hyde Park in 76, and my first `Arena` gig. The sound on this is better than being actually at the gig as Earls Court`s a bit of a barn. Our seats were miles from the band and all you could hear was muffled by the echo off the back wall. Finally after about half an hour we had had enough and got to a decent position by running down the up escalators, bouncers on the down, and got to the ground floor. We ended up about 20yds from the stage. Great gig from that point on.

Heli0tr0pe said...

Nice one! What a great comment. Jealous that you got to see them at all, not to mention so close -- the closest I ever came was on the pitch at the '92 Tribute Concert (not bad, mind you, but no Freddie!)

So, well done you -- and thanks for the visit!