Wednesday, December 29, 2010

JELLYFISH - "Socrates, Pathos, and Plato" Live 1993

Every once in a while I'm reminded, for no good reason, of how much I love and miss the great pop-rock collective known as Jellyfish. It's a sad fact of rock history that this band of brilliant young lads only lasted three years, during which time they released a precious two studio albums (while, on the other hand, the worthless Bon Jovi has been stinking up the place for over a quarter-century).

You'd be hard-pressed to find a more perfect collection of 1990s power pop than their swan song, the utterly sublime Beach Boys-Beatles-Queen-Supertramp-10cc mashup masterpiece Spilt Milk. If you've never heard it -- and chances are you haven't -- then by all means get on the good foot (that means buy it; I bet they could use the money). I consider "Joining a Fan Club" and "New Mistake" to be the two greatest songs of the '90s, for starters.

I'll be posting a few more tasty Jelly boots to ring in 2011, but this one is an ideal place to start. It's a beautifully recorded compilation of live tracks from November 1993, not far from the end of the line for the band, who called it quits about the same time a certain Seattle grunge icon did too.

If you, like me, were fortunate enough to have snapped up the 2002 limited-edition box set Fan Club you'd have most of these tracks plus the bonus B-sides. If not, then feel free to drop that $120-$300 on Amazon or eBay...or click below, and stay tuned.

Because, oh yes indeedy, I do think you're ready for this Jelly.

"Socrates, Pathos, and Plato"
Universal Amphitheatre and other venues - November 1993
(SBD @320 kbps)



Ben Sommer said...

They were a bit ahead of their time - kind of like Live

Heli0tr0pe said...

Oh no you dit'n just compare them to Live!

Please tell me you were kidding...

Anonymous said...

Thanks. The Posies was my favorite pop-rock grunge band. Live was boring

Heli0tr0pe said...

Yes, I dig The Posies as well..."Lights Out" is another candidate for best '90s songage.

Live just sucked ass, full stop.

Thanks for visiting, Happy New Year!


Not Available said...

The only thing I'd compare live to is....Nickelback. ;-)