Friday, November 13, 2009

GREEN DAY - Manchester, UK 2009

Here at Green Alien Chick, Friday the 13th is Green Day!

My wish of almost three months ago has been fulfilled, with a decent full-length boot of their exhilarating -- and still-going-strong -- 21st Century Breakdown Tour. In fact, this one was taped exactly two weeks ago tonight.

Green Day remains the Show of the Year, for my money, and finally we have a recording of something resembling the three-hour extravaganza Billie Joe & Co. laid down at the L.A. Forum gig, closing out the U.S. leg of the tour.

It's an audience recording, true -- but a clear and well-balanced one (at 320 no less), capturing not just 30 great tunes but every last f-bomb and "Get yer hands in the air!" scream.

So cheers to the taper -- the esteemed PABBY -- and to you!

Oh, and Nazi punks? FUCK OFF.

MEN Arena - Manchester, UK - October 30, 2009 (AUD @320 kbps)


DJA said...

Green Day has just ripped off Gypsy Punk, ala Gogol Bordello and if you listen to some of the songs, Taylor Swift could be singing behind this crappy music!! Best of the year??!

Lodger said...

Thanks for this one ! Great atmosphere !!
Another Green Day gig :
LG Arena
oct. 28th 2009
Go to Qualitybootz.
Cheers !!!

Heli0tr0pe said...

Hey DJA --

Thanks for your unwanted and utterly worthless opinion.

Maybe instead of crapping up my blog with your idiocy, you can post some of those much-sought-after Gogol Bordello bootlegs on your Cheap Sacramento Foods blog...and watch the traffic go thru the roof!


F.U. very much,

DJA said...

ahhhhhhhhhhHHH! that hurts me.
i called you no names, sir. just an avid viewer/user of the site, sitting in traffic on the G.A.C., ramping up the hits for ya.... but my review stands as my opinion!did not like.
i once downloaded a Stones gig off G101 where the poster did not ask, but demanded 'Thank you's' for their post, and wanted a ratio of thank-u's to downloads. Whats next? Video-chatting before its allowed?
when i visit south of my border, don't hold a grudge!

Heli0tr0pe said...

I guess your Mumsy didn't teach you that unless you have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.

See, people who take the time and effort to provide free music to others are doing a service. So if you have a positive contribution to make, then you are most welcome to.

Otherwise, stay the fuck off my blog.

jdallenx said...

This blog demands no thanks, as I can see, but I offer Thanks for Green Day - Love the new album and the current tour

DJA - Why badmouth something offered to you with nothing asked in return?

Anonymous said...

thanx for this post - i was at this gig with my son who loved it ( so did i - i like green day a hell of a lot more after seeing what a show they put on and how they involve their fans ) - p.s my 14 year old son shows more maturity than DJA

Heli0tr0pe said...

Jdallenx and Anonymous -- thanks, lads! Y'all GET it...

And to DJA -- see? That's not so difficult, is it?

I actually don't ask for thanks at all; I only ask that visitors to my blog make themselves at home, look around, and grab whatever they want -- but please refrain from taking a dump on the floor.

Simple as that.

Cheers to all,

DJA said...

I get it, sorry to all. I saw the word 'comments' and left mine about the album. I didn't disrespect the person behind the website by giving my opinion about a bands lame album. i didn't personally insult anyone either. i dont go around to random blogs and post negative comments. i visit here often and have supported the owner of the site in his work and have relayed info on sites as well. i know the web-master, so my comments would be, in my mind, like talking to a friend about musical tastes. i guess this is a professional environment, a business, so i must distance myself from thinking i am talking to that person and treat it like its someone i do not know. so as far as all the comments back at me are concerned, you def insulted me personally. I made a comment about a site that asked for Thank-you's, I didn't say GAC does, in fact, this comment was made to show how you DON'T. anonymous, fuck you and your mature 14 yr old. GAC, just delete this crap. im gone.

Heli0tr0pe said... I got an idea who this feisty "DJA" fellow is.

We actually don't really know each other, not well -- but do I know and like you well enough to say I'm disappointed you didn't just ID yourself right out of the gate. That's what a certain mutual fried...I mean, uh, friend...(initials "GG," just so we know who we are here) does when he lobs a shitball. As such, I respond with the humor it deserves.

So why the cloaking device, making yourself look like any old anonymous asshole out to make trouble? That was hardly necessary.

If I'd known who you really are, I wouldn't have been nearly as offended -- wouldn't have responded with such piss 'n' vinegar -- and all this could have been avoided. (Not that I mind people mixing it up at my party or anything...cuz it ain't a real RAWK-N-ROLL PAWTY TONIGHT!!! unless someone takes a beating.)

Anyway, dear DJA, come on back tomorrow or Friday, and the Chick will fix you up with a li'l sumpm-sumpm what gonna make it ALL better now.

Hint: "Look, I'M payin' for it, WTF?"

Moral? Don't be a stranger!


Anonymous said...


isn't that a greenday album title?

or is it fried shitball?

or is that shitball eyeliner?

Heli0tr0pe said...


It's whatever you would like it to be, dear person who's too much of a little baby pussy to identify yourself.

I give away free music. What do YOU do?


PABBY said...


This is my Green Day recording. I'm glad you like it and thanks for helping spread it around.

Enjoy! :-)


Heli0tr0pe said...

Look at all the crazy people here tonight...

Well done, Pabby! For whatever reason, your lovely Green Day show recording has kicked up a spot of dust around here; this is by far the most comments I've ever gotten on one post (sad, I know.)

So I hope you can ignore the naysaying c--ts and enjoy the general acclaim. I have also now happily given credit where it's due.

Cheers Pabbs!


Anonymous said...

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Fred X said...

What he said!

Heli0tr0pe said...


Anonymous said...

Fantastic quality and an amazing gig which I was lucky enough to attend. I hope Pabby is at the Green Day Manchester gig in a few weeks time and does another great recording.


Heli0tr0pe said...

Cheers man -- thanks for the shout-out and thanks for stopping by!