Wednesday, September 9, 2009

THE BEATLES - The Complete Rooftop Concert, 1969

It being Beatles Day and all, who am I to resist the holy spirit... yet, fatalist that I am, it seems only fitting to post their last (live) hurrah, no?

Me, I'm so broke at the moment that I haven't a pot in which to piss nor a window out of which to dump it. However, I am at the same time listening -- at no expense whatsoever, thanks to the good graces of a good friend -- to the very same remastered box set that's causing so many others to happily put themselves in the poor-house today...funny how that works.

Somehow I don't think Paul or Ringo will miss my $200.

"The Complete 2CD Rooftop Concert"
Apple Headquarters - London, England - January 30, 1969 (SBD)


Anonymous said...

cheers - steve

Hammer said...

Sweet....right there with ya.


Cb said...

also got the remastered set from a friend. can't afford to be spendin $200 bucks on cd's right now. the remasters do sound amazing though. ide like to hear the mono ones. thanks for the rooftop concert. good stuff

Anonymous said...

Part 2 of the Beatles Rooftop Concert will not unzip for me because of an error in the file. I've tried 3 times now.

Heli0tr0pe said...

Thanks for comments, all --

Anon, sorry it's not working for you, but I just DLed it again and it unzipped fine for me...

Anonymous said...

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