Tuesday, March 10, 2009

VAN HALEN - Fresno, CA 1979

A best bud of mine, a die-hard ol'-skool Van Halen fan, recently reported -- admitted? confessed? -- a late-breaking appreciation for Hagar-era VH.

While I, somewhat shocked, take this matter into consideration, allow me the comfort of returning to Green Alien's Chick's roots... as in, my first-ever post back in November of '07. (And damned if the link isn't still good!)

So here's "The first night of the second world tour," 30 years ago this month. "Hello, Fresno! Van Halen has returned! The new album came out today!"

Word is that this is the best boot from the entire '79 tour (and it's in 320 kbps). No argument here.

As to the relative merits of Sammy Hagar...lemme think on it.

Selland Arena - Fresno, CA - March 25, 1979 (AUD @320 kbps)


rickdog said...

Find more VAN HALEN in my mp3blog and forum searches:


SirCaustic said...

Green you are a total goddess with a wonderful sense of great tunes. Thanks. Very much so.

blort said...


keith h said...

very nice quality early VH. Thanks!!!!

Heli0tr0pe said...

Thank for stopping by, y'all!

(Well, except for you, Blort.)

Heli0tr0pe said...

Thank for stopping by, y'all!

(Well, except for you, Blort.)

Gary said...

thanks for this fine post and you look GREAT in green

Anonymous said...

Come on green bring some red rocker!!

Heli0tr0pe said...

Cheers guys for the shout-outs, and thanks for stopping by.


PS -- will work on the Red Rocker; not a big fan but if something strikes me fancy, will post it.

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Van Halen will always be in my heart. I grew up listening to them, being a rebel young kid! Yeah! Nice post.

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