Friday, December 5, 2008

AC/DC - Phoenix, AZ 2000

Ah, AC/DC. They're like your average pit bull: loud, dumb, ugly and mean. Now, I'm no fan of pit bulls; I hate the bastards, in fact, and I'm no fan of their owners either.

Not much of an AC/DC fan either...too many samey songs and too many dumbass dumbfuck sex songs. Same reason I'm not big on bands from ZZ Top to Mötley Crüe; dumb sex songs get old fast. (Yeah yeah, cars & girls & rock & roll, I get it -- but it ain't 1972 anymore, dudes. I kinda wish it was, since I was barely here when it was, but it just ain't.)

Black Ice, the "new" AC/DC LP, is just another dumb joke, and I could barely make it to the end before shelving it. (At least I bought it at Amoeba and not Wal-Fart.) Ugh, good gawd, talk about samey! It's not Chinese Democracy awful, mind you, but it's also not charmingly demented and overkilly in the Axl way. Just a generic, boring sort of damp squib, is all.

So why am I posting this? Because it's a great show from their last tour before this new tour, maybe their last tour, which I'm going to on Monday night at my fave hard-rock venue in all the Southland, that being Ye Olde L.A. Forum. Also because it has balls-out FM broadcast sound @ 320 kbps, and because it features the band's last great song, the frisky and driving and ironic-in-light-of-9/11 "Safe in New York City". (Not that AC/DC does irony, of course; just a matter of timing, with the performance here recorded almost exactly a year before 9/11.) A stupendous single by any standard, and in the words of David St. Hubbins, "Wait'll ya see the cover!"

...I mean, that's pretty goddamn fuckin' rock 'n' roll, right?

America West Arena - Phoenix, AZ - September 13, 2000 (FMB)


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