Wednesday, September 3, 2008

BLACK SABBATH - Boston, MA 1992

"Got those heavy boots of lead...make you dead!"

In recognition of how utterly fukken aweschom!!! Heaven and Hell (i.e., Dio-Sabbs) were at last weekend's aforementioned Metal Masters fest, I post another quality boot from the boys in black. It's every bit as official-release perfectoid as last week's.

In other news, went to a Brian Wilson event at Amoeba Hollywood yesterday morning, and am seeing Bob Dylan tonight in Santa Monica. Next week's posts will likely reflect these developments.

Meantime enjoy this, and y'all come back for one last metallic jolt of some killer Priest by week's end...

BLACK SABBATH "Black Bloody Black"
Orpheum Theater - Boston, MA - August 9, 1992 (SBD)

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