Friday, May 9, 2008

RUSH - Tampa, FL 2007

Planning to post more mashups soon, but having seen my boys yet again last night - this time at the cozy new 7,000-capacity Nokia Theatre - I couldn't resist posting this epic show, which has already ascended to the top rank of Rush boots. I believe it was taped on only the third night of the Snakes & Arrows tour last summer, which I'm here to tell ya is still going strong.

Geddy Lee made a crack about the band needing a set break "due to the fact that we're no longer spring chickens" (speaking for us all, truly)...but c'mon now: at over three hours? Almost 30 songs? I don't wanna sound old farty, but show me an emo band that could manage half that.

This is an audience recording that's so high-quality it is now being used among audio geeks as an example of how to properly record a show from out in the stands. As far as the setlist, think of it as an alternate version of the just-released live album...their 8th!

All the world's indeed a stage, more than ever.

RUSH "Snakebites in Tampa"
Ford Amphitheatre - Tampa, FL - June 16, 2007 (AUD)

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