Wednesday, January 2, 2008

PINK FLOYD - Boston, MA 1975

HAPPY 2008, first off, to all earth rawkers up in this bitch. Let's make the new year a righteous one, or else what's the point?

I'll get it started right with the best known recording from Pink Floyd's 1975 U.S. tour. We begin with two early versions of the Animals tracks "Sheep" (here titled "Raving and Drooling") and "Dogs" (here, "You've Got to Be Crazy"). Then it's three tracks from the then-new Wish You Were Here (including all of "Shine On You Crazy Diamond") followed by the entirety of Dark Side, and a giant slab of "Echoes" to top it all off.

It's an exquisitely atmospheric audience recording, which means ballsy stage sonics spiced with beer-bashed mooks tossing firecrackers. Sorta like "The Daahk Side o' the Depaahted."

Boston Garden - Boston, MA - June 18, 1975 (AUD)

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