Tuesday, October 25, 2011

OZZY OSBOURNE - Memphis, TN 1982

The maaadmaaan is baaack!!!

And so am I, in a momentary break from my new life as Mr. Mom. Apologies for the long break; I promise I will try to keep it up a bit more on the blog front...

Now allow me to lay upon you a prime slice of a loony, still-young and very high Ozzy chopping it up on Elvis' home turf. This here is a brand new 2011 release of FM-broadcast-@320 wickedness, and a bat-biting bloody good time.

"Silver Cross"
Mid-South Coliseum - Memphis, TN - April 28, 1982
(FMB @320 kbps)

Thanks to Viva Les Boots, and...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

BEN SOMMER - "Fist" (Special Album Preview Track)

Sorry for the long-ass break. Had to hop back online and tell y'all how glad I am to hear that my all-time-fave indie post-prog libertarian rock brainiac Ben Sommer is up to his old tricks again.

Ben has kindly furnished Green Alien Chick with track 7 -- the fantastically energetic rocker "Fist" -- from his upcoming long-player entitled Super Brain, which sounds to be even better than his much-admired debut, 2009's America'd.

As always for the eclectic Mr. Sommer, "Fist" is catchy, quirky, and all kinds of up in your face. Check it out on the player at bottom, and/or head on over to the album page on Ben's site, where you can hear this and all the other new tracks so far.

So wake up, America: it's Sommertime!