Wednesday, November 26, 2008

GUNS N' ROSES - New York City, 1988

Green Alien Chick is exactly a year old (as of yesterday, I believe). I've switched the URL back to ".blogspot" so more hip surfers will know it's an MP3 blog and not just some regular old website, dig? Same goes for my '60s blog, Heavy Sugar Radio.

So, I have a cold. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I'm still at work. Obama was elected by 8 million votes. It was the best of times...

it was the worst of Guns N' Roses albums. And I do mean the worst, 'cause Chinese Democracy blows unholy ass! It ain't no Guns N' Roses -- it's Axl N' ProTools, and I couldn't even finish listening to the godawful thing, only made it halfway. 15 more years of work wouldn't have saved it; the songs are simply no damn good.

If you've subjected yourself to it as I have, then best use a nice classic GN'R boot to rinse the bad taste outta your mouth pre-Thanksgiving.

I remember when this show happened, at the old Ritz in NYC, and I almost went (by "almost," I mean really really wanted to). It was taped for MTV airing, so the audio-qual is dead-on perfect; sounds like it's ripped from vinyl, to boot. Axl is in fine feisty form, the band sounds killer, Appetite was still a ways from #1 but everyone, band and audience, knew something big was about to happen. It sure did, and now it's 20 years in the past and it clearly ain't ever comin' back.


The Ritz - New York, NY - February 2, 1988 (SBD; TV)

Friday, November 21, 2008

MUSE - Rock Am Ring and Pinkpop 2002 (RE-POST @320!)

Back after a couple post-election weeks away with a killer live boot by possibly my favorite band comprising people younger than I am. (And I'm pushing 40 -- I mean like really pushin' it fuckin' hard, maaan -- so that's gettin' to be a lot more bands every day.)

When all of our beloved Classic Rawk dinosaurs finally do pass from the Earth, any day now, we could do worse than to have the tremendous young trio known as Muse pick up the slack and pound our ears 'til Doomsday.

This boot has two European fest shows combined, and gives a fine taste of what they do and how they do it. And if you believe, as I do, that 2001's Origin of Symmetry is possibly the best rock album of this decade, then you'll be most pleased.

MUSE "Micro Cuts on Stage"
Rock Am Ring, Germany & Pinkpop, Holland - May 18 & 20, 2002 (SBD @320 kbps)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

STEVIE WONDER - Los Angeles, CA 1973

The favorite musician of President-elect Obama.

Signed, sealed, delivered, he's ours!

God bless America.

STEVIE WONDER "Live & Alive"
Los Angeles, CA - 1973 (exact date and venue unknown; SBD)

Monday, November 3, 2008

LITTLE FEAT - San Francisco, CA 1976

Band of the Week is Little Feat.

Man of the Week is Barack Obama (I hope).


LITTLE FEAT "Rampant Syncopatio"
Winterland Ballroom - San Francisco, CA - February 14, 1976 (FMB)