Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Q-UNIT - "Greatest Hits" Queen/50 Cent Mashups 2005

Out fo' the weekend. Happy Memorial Day. Hope you digz this rekkid. Nuttin' mo' 2 say.

Q-UNIT - "Greatest Hits" CD - 2005

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

THE KLEPTONES - "A Night at the Hip Hopera" Mashups 2004

As promised last week, more mashups for y'all. It gets no better than this...

God bless Mr. Eric Kleptone. I don't know how the hell he does what he does, but I'm sure as hell glad he does it. In 2004, he took his deep knowledge and love of Queen, threw it in a blender with about 10,000 samples and beats of all shapes, sizes and sounds...and created his masterpiece, the single greatest, most cohesive statement of mashup culture ever, and for all time.

And it's fun as hell to listen to, all 78:18 of it! (Fits on one CD too, every last Galileo, Figaro, Scaramouche and Bismillah.) That's what I call some killer Queen...

THE KLEPTONES - "A Night at the Hip Hopera" CD - 2004

Also check out the Kleptones blog Hectic City, where you will find "Bo Rhap," Eric's berserk, moving, hilarious and altogether astonishing "Bohemian Rhapsody" mashup (done a year before the Flaming Lips covered it on tour): DOWNLOAD.

Friday, May 9, 2008

RUSH - Tampa, FL 2007

Planning to post more mashups soon, but having seen my boys yet again last night - this time at the cozy new 7,000-capacity Nokia Theatre - I couldn't resist posting this epic show, which has already ascended to the top rank of Rush boots. I believe it was taped on only the third night of the Snakes & Arrows tour last summer, which I'm here to tell ya is still going strong.

Geddy Lee made a crack about the band needing a set break "due to the fact that we're no longer spring chickens" (speaking for us all, truly)...but c'mon now: at over three hours? Almost 30 songs? I don't wanna sound old farty, but show me an emo band that could manage half that.

This is an audience recording that's so high-quality it is now being used among audio geeks as an example of how to properly record a show from out in the stands. As far as the setlist, think of it as an alternate version of the just-released live album...their 8th!

All the world's indeed a stage, more than ever.

RUSH "Snakebites in Tampa"
Ford Amphitheatre - Tampa, FL - June 16, 2007 (AUD)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

GO HOME PRODUCTIONS - "Spliced Krispies" Mashups 2008

Something a bit different for the week. My dirty li'l secret, musically speaking, is that I loves me some mashups. I mean I adore the things, as the hundreds of tracks crammed into my hard drives will attest. I think a well-done mashup is about the most damn fun you can have with music these days. Two or three or four great tastes that taste great together...some classic rock, soul and punk spiced up with fresh beats, toss 'em in a blender and zap them shits hard...what could be better?

And DJ Mark Vidler, a.k.a. Go Home Productions, is the absolute king, the super-genius, the Masher Blaster of all time. Whatever Little Richard says he is to rock 'n' roll, GHP is to the mashup. He's put together a whole new CD of his latest, any description of which will do it no justice. So read about it here -- there's even a video to go with each track! -- and get it here...

GO HOME PRODUCTIONS - "Spliced Krispies" CD - 2008